Haunter Cosplay

Haunter Cosplay


Haunter cosplay has been in the costume community for 6 years! It all began when she got involved in charities which consisted of dressing up in costume. Which of course naturally shifted her interest into the world of geeky conventions and competitive cosplay.

She has won 2 craftsmanship awards for her hard work and dedication, this year her cosplay won in masters for the Calgary expo, as well as judged at Regina Fanexpo in 2016. She’s cosplayed many Disney characters like Anna, Hades and Rosetta, and Video game characters like Luigi, D.Va and Mercy. She is also a licensed makeup artist specializing in special effects.

Cosplay 101 Q&A

Panel Room 1

Best part about cosplay? Anyone can do it! Come join Haunter, Katie and Zed cosplay as they talk, and answer all your cosplay questions! From where to start with character choices, and where to get materials, to sewing, foam work, makeup and more!

Guest Panel