Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton

Comic Writer

Coming back for round 2!
Jeff Burton is a husband, a father of 5, a high school teacher and a comic geek from way back in the day! As an avid reader period it only makes sense that he has loved the comics medium since childhood and now uses comics not only to promote literacy but to help teach in a wide variety of subjects as well!

As the co-creator and writer of The Adventures of Auroraman, Jeff is working to create a local based comic that is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life. Harkening back to the comics of his childhood, he wants readers to be able to pick up any copy and enjoy a fun read without needing to know a wealth of information beforehand. Light hearted and fun are the watch words of his writing!

Writing For Comics

Panel Room 1

Join Mark Allard-Will (Ã…rkade, Saskatch-A-Man), Ryan Howe (Daisy Blackwood, The Henchmen) and Panel Host, Jeff Burton (Auroraman), as they discuss the processes and their opinions on writing and script-writing for Comic Books!

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