When we all started Ganbatte years ago with positivity and connectivity for the Saskatchewan anime/comics/gaming community in mind, we had no idea Ganbatte would grow to be what it has become. We are a non-profit so every little bit of support goes straight back into making Ganbatte better. Being a non-profit means we have limited budget to do things and have to decide to spend money on programming, guests or marketing, etc. Our main marketing is posters around Saskatchewan and word of mouth. For us to continue growing we need to keep spreading the word that we are here representing the Saskatchewan anime community.

Over the years many kids have attended Ganbatte. We are very proud to have parents messaging us saying how happy they are seeing their kids make such close friends! At Ganbatte there’s tons of people with likeminded interests so it’s very easy to connect with people. Our Ganbatte volunteers are now a close knit family who hang out year round. With mental health being what it is, the last thing anyone needs to feel is alone.

So let’s spread the good word of Ganbatte far and wide! Here are our posters in high quality jpegs. Download them, print them out and hang them anywhere you can think of! Class rooms, staff rooms, local poster stands in downtown neighbourhoods, local comic or game shops (we got Saskatoon covered but if you live in one of the other Saskatchewan cities dropping a poster off would help get the word to people in Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, etc.) or anywhere else you can think of. Just don’t cover other posters or put too many up in one place! (Someone has to clean that up!)

We thank anyone who helps us spread the word. Hopefully you make a great friend at Ganbatte this year!

Thank you everyone for joining hands to make this positive community network together.

~ Annie Shadden – President and Creator of Ganbatte Convention Inc.


Halloween Steak Night Poster

Poster 1

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 2

Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso Poster

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