As part of exciting lineup of content, we have not one, but two recreation (or games) rooms.

Main Games Room (upstairs)

Here you will find our large selection of board and console games. We are always increasing our collection, so you should always be able to find something to play. We also have a cards corner where you can learn to play your new favorite trading card game, or challenge each other to a exciting duel. You will also find a selection of giant games and new this year Ninja. Scheduled content includes a EDH Magic tournament and new this year DND 5e sessions and Ninja.

In the games room we also have our cosplay repair booth and cool down area for those that need a break from the heat.


18+ Games Room (downstairs)

Here you will find our more adult games like Cards Against Humanity. We also have Karaoke, You don’t know Jack and other games and consoles available.

Our online schedule including tournaments can be found here:

Details about the recreation room(s) will be released when they are finalized.

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