Ganbatte Convention Inc. 2024 Convention Policy

By purchasing a ticket to attend Ganbatte Convention Inc. or subsequent events, the holder of the ticket agrees to the following policies of Ganbatte Convention Inc.

Article 1 – Definitions
1.1 “Convention” refers to the Convention hosted by Ganbatte Convention Inc.
1.2 “Staff” refers to all Ganbatte Convention Inc. staff and venue staff.
1.3 “Props” Check refers to the Ganbatte Convention Inc. Staff assigned to checking props of the Convention.
1.4 “Attendee” refers to anyone attending the event with a valid Ticket.
1.5 “Ticket” refers to Verification of admission to the Convention, either through a wristband or badge.

Article 2 – Tickets
2.1 All ticket sales are final unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with Ganbatte Convention Inc.
2.2 Tickets sold by third-party members are not guaranteed authentic passes for the Convention.
2.3 Children aged 10 and under are not required to pay for a pass to enter the Convention, they will be given a child’s wristband but only if there is a guardian over 18 accompanying them. (The Guardian(s) must also have a valid wristband of the day(s) or badge to be allowed in the convention as well.)
2.4 Adults or children with special needs who are confined to strollers or wheelchairs will not be required to pay for a pass to the Convention. They will be given a child’s wristband but only if there is a guardian or caretaker over 18 accompanying them. (The guardian or caretaker must also have a valid wristband of the day(s) or badge to be allowed in the convention as well.)
2.5 Badges and wristbands must be visible at all times and are required for entry to TCU Place from Midtown Plaza. Wristbands cannot be damaged/removed during the convention and must be fully intact. (If the wristband or badge is damaged, needs replacement, speak to a volunteer or one of our Team Leaders if you need assistance.)
2.6 All weekend pass wristbands are required to be worn for the duration of Ganbatte, Ganbatte Convention Inc. is not required to replace lost wristbands.

Article 3 – Age requirements
3.1 All attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by someone who is 18 years or older during the duration of the Convention. (The guardian(s) must also have a valid wristband of the day(s) or badge to be allowed in the convention as well. This applies as well to all points that are in Article 3.**)
3.2 All children age 10 and under require adult supervision and responsibility at all times by a guardian over the age of 18. **
3.3 Alcohol must remain in 19+ designated areas of the venue. No minors will be permitted in 19+ areas of the venue and identification will be required for admission to 19+ areas.

Article 4 –Venue Specific Restrictions
4.1 Devices with wheels will not be permitted on the venue floor at any time excluding wheelchairs, strollers, or otherwise discussed and approved devices by Ganbatte Convention Inc.
4.2 Fires will not be allowed in the venue.
4.3 Midtown Plaza does not allow weapons, or masks and requires full clothing and shoes for entry. Masks and weapons can be checked at Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s Prop Check.

Article 5 – Attire
5.1 All attire to the Convention must be family-friendly. Restrictions apply to the following:
5.1.1 Displayed images of pornography upon clothing.
5.1.2 Displayed profanities upon clothing.
5.2 Any costume or outfit that complaints or concerns are received will be subject to the discretion of Ganbatte leadership. Complaints and concerns can be lodged at Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s registration area. If deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to leave the Convention until you have changed your outfit to the specifications of Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s staff.
5.3 Masks must be removable for the purposes of identification should staff require you to remove them.
5.4 Footwear is mandatory.

Article 6 – Props
6.1 All props must go through Prop Check prior to entering the Convention.
6.2 Any props not approved must be removed from the Convention or checked into Prop Check, where you will receive a Prop Check ticket. The prop will then be released to the attendees with the Prop Check ticket for said prop when they leave the Convention.
6.3 Any gun prop that is a replica of a real gun must have an orange cap at the tip to show that the gun is non-fireable.
6.3.1 Working pellet guns and Nerf guns will not be allowed at the Convention.
6.3.2 Any gun or prop that can fire a projectile is not allowed.
6.4 All props made by hand can not contain any metal, sharp edges, or wood thicker than a broom handle unless discussed with the Props Check team.
6.5 All props and masks will not be allowed in the Midtown Plaza at any time, all props must either be left at Prop Check or removed from the venue.
6.6 If necessary, Ganbatte’s Security Team will perform a mandatory bag check for safety purposes at any time on venue property.
6.7 Absolutely no blades or metal objects of any sort.

Article 7 – Behavior
7.1 Any aggressive behavior that makes other attendees feel uncomfortable will not be tolerated.
7.2 Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated by any attendees or Ganbatte Convention Inc. Staff.
7.3 Roughhousing will not be tolerated.
7.4 Excessive intoxication by any means will not be permitted at any time during the Convention.
7.5 Physical contact without consent will not be tolerated.
7.6 Photography or Videography of an attendee by another attendee without consent is not permitted.
7.7 Remember this is a crowded event, do not swing your props sporadically, and be mindful of other attendees.
7.8 Alcohol is not permitted outside 19+ venue areas.

Article 8 – Failure to Comply
8.1 Failure to comply with any of these policies will result in the following in a two-step solution but may be subject to more immediate action dependent on the severity:
8.1.1 One warning.
8.1.2 Removal from the Convention by Security.

Article 9 – Lost and Found
9.1 Any items found unattended during the Convention should be brought to the lost and found at Ganbatte registration.
9.2 Ganbatte Convention Inc. is not held responsible for any items lost, damaged, or stolen during the Convention.

Article 10 – Media
10.1 Ganbatte Convention Inc. will have approved photographers and videographers taking footage of the Convention. By accepting your Ganbatte Convention Inc. ticket you agree to be in any approved photographers or videographers footage.
10.2 If you wish at any time to not be in any media footage, approach the photographer or videographer to let them know, and they will respect your request.

This contract is valid for all Ganbatte Convention Inc. events starting from September 1, 2023 until August 31, 2024.