Ganbatte Convention Inc. 2024 Volunteer Contract

I understand that by becoming a volunteer for Ganbatte Convention Inc. my actions will reflect on the convention. If my actions do not meet the Ganbatte Convention Inc. standards, I will be removed from the Volunteer Team.

By signing this contract I agree to all duties my volunteer position requires and to follow Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s Convention Policy.

1 Job Responsibilities
1.1 Prior to the day of the event, the volunteers will have training meetings. You are required to attend at least 2 out of 5 mandatory meetings. During these meetings, you will be able to ask questions and will receive training on what each volunteer position must do and what they are responsible for.
1.2 Each volunteer must work a minimum of 3 hours per day to receive a VIP badge for the entirety of the convention.
1.3 The volunteer is not required to work volunteer hours consecutively but may split it up into a minimum of three 2 hour time slots at the discretion of your respective team leader. If you wish to work extra volunteer hours that is at your own discretion, but the extra help is much appreciated.
1.4 After volunteers finish their period of volunteer work they are to return any Ganbatte Convention Inc. property.

2 Behavior
2.1 Volunteers are representatives of the convention in action. All behavior must stay professional, friendly, and welcoming. Volunteers are responsible for dealing with attendees all day and helping them enjoy the event.
2.2 Any unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or possible removal from the Ganbatte Convention Inc. Volunteers Team immediately and permanently.
2.3 If any problems or concerns arise with any of the other staff of Ganbatte Convention Inc. before or during the convention, volunteers are to speak to a Ganbatte Convention Inc. leader about their concern or problem, not to other Ganbatte Convention Inc. staff or outside parties.
2.4 Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed while you are fulfilling your volunteer hours. If you are intoxicated and unable to complete your volunteer shift as a result, you will be asked to leave the convention as a result, you are permitted to return the next day to complete your volunteer shift. 

3 Team Leaders
3.1 All Ganbatte Team Leaders of Ganbatte Convention Inc. are in charge of ensuring the convention runs smoothly. As a volunteer you are to help them run the event, meaning you must listen to your Team Leader for what you are required to do during volunteer shifts.
3.2 If you feel a Team Leader of Ganbatte Convention Inc. is being unfair at any point in time, bring this concern to one of the other Team Leaders, not other volunteers of Ganbatte Convention Inc. or outside parties in order to reduce unnecessary animosity and to resolve the issue immediately. A warning will first be issued if any animosity is continued after the issue being resolved and then a two year ban will follow the aforementioned warning if animosity is not discontinued.

4 Reporting
4.1 Reporting any behavior of attendees or other volunteers must be done to the Team Leaders department it is associated with. Do not get involved with a situation between attendees.
4.2 If any theft is overheard or witnessed, report immediately to the President, or Tickets and Registration. Discussing theft or other incidents with other volunteers/attendees not directly involved in said incident, other than the President, or Tickets & Registration Lead, is prohibited. Reporting to our President, or Tickets and registration enables us to deal with the situation quickly without causing uneasiness to fellow volunteers/attendees.

5 Quitting
If you want to quit at any time, speak to one of the team leaders and discuss your reason for quitting. We would like to resolve any problems that we can solve that cause volunteers to quit. We at Ganbatte Convention Inc. understand that volunteering is a time-consuming job and we fully respect anyone who makes the decision to quit while respecting the reputation of Ganbatte Convention Inc. We look forward to seeing past volunteers as attendees at future events. Failure to respect the reputation of Ganbatte Convention Inc. will result in a ban from future events.

6 Media Interaction
By signing of this form, you have given your consent to be a part of any footage that may be released for promotional or general media purposes for Ganbatte. If you are unwilling to be a part of any media interactions, please talk with your Team Leader so we can do our best to respect your wishes.

7 Clothing
Volunteers will be required to wear a Staff T-shirt during the hours they are volunteering. The volunteer will be allowed to wear moderate to casual cosplay while working, (i.e. Wigs, makeup, and props not including masks, as we need to see your face for identification) as long as the volunteer is capable of doing their job. If a Team Leader deems the cosplay unfit for work, you will be asked to change. In a case of uncertainty if a cosplay is fit for work at Ganbatte, ask your Team Leader. If a volunteer wishes to attend Ganbatte in full cosplay, they will be required to do so outside of their allotted work times. Unless it is deemed appropriate for their volunteer position.

This contract is valid for all Ganbatte Convention Inc. events starting from September 1, 2023 until August 31, 2024.