Ganbatte Convention Inc. 2024 Panelist Guidelines

Panelist Requirements

The Main Panelist host must be 16 or older, co-hosts no younger than 15. For 18+ Panels both hosts must be 18+ years of age.

Panelists must check in and pick up their panel badge at least an hour before the scheduled panel time. If the main panelist has not checked in within 30 minutes of their panel, a call will be made to the provided phone number. If you require technology such as projectors and sound equipment you are required to check in an hour beforehand to make sure that there are no issues when your panel starts.

Depending on circumstances, failure to check in or show up for your panel will result in cancellation of the panel and banning of hosting future panels. Please give as much notice as possible if you are not able to host your panel and just in case have a co-host as a backup plan who can host the panel without you if needed. Please communicate all changes and cancellations with the Panel Team in order to ensure your request has been confirmed.

All Panelists must fill out every section of the application and submit it no later than May 25th. We will then respond in a timely manner and keep you updated by email. Panel cancellations must be done no later than June 1st. Depending on circumstances any cancellation made after June 1st may result in a ban of hosting future panels at Ganbatte.


Panelist Conduct

Panelists will be expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Behavior deemed inappropriate for panels where minors (those under 18 years of age) may attend can result in the termination of a panel in progress and/or the cancellation of a panel group’s future scheduled panel(s). Clean-up after each panel is expected. Please be considerate to the next panelist that will be setting up after your panel.

Panelists will abide by Ganbatte Convention Inc’s Convention Policies. Failure to do so may be reasonable cause for cancellation of the panel and/or ejection from Ganbatte Convention Inc.



Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right to approve, deny, reschedule the time and/or location of, change the given rating of or cancel any panel at any time as event staff deems fit. Ganbatte convention Inc. reserves the right to make changes to any of the above requirements at any time. Any such changes may be retroactive at the discretion of Ganbatte Convention Inc.

Ganbatte Convention Inc. accepts no responsibility for the content of panels hosted by its attendees, nor does Ganbatte Convention Inc. extend any form of legal protection to panelists. Panelists are wholly responsible for ensuring the legality and safety of the content presented in their panels.

By submitting your application, you have agreed to abide by Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s General Policies and the rules and regulations posted above.