Ganbatte Convention Inc. 2024

Recreation Room Policy

This contract is made between Ganbatte Convention Inc. and the Recreational Room Collaborator signing this contract. This contract is valid for the one event term held the current year the contract is signed. By reading and signing this contract the participant(s) agree to the following conditions.

1. Definitions
1.1 “Ganbatte Convention Inc.” is the legal name the Convention has been incorporated under.
1.2 “Staff” refers to all Ganbatte Convention Inc. Volunteers and venue staff.
1.3 “Recreational Room” is the location where the organization will be set up with their table.
1.4 “Recreational Room Sponsor” or participant(s) is an individual working at the Recreational room table
1.5 “Term” means the period of time from the signing date of this contract till the end of Ganbatte this year.
1.6 “Exhibitor Hall Badge” refers to the identification badges issued to Authorized Representatives.

2. Contract Overview
2.1 The Recreational Room table space is limited to the areas provided. Recreational room Participants are responsible for the initial setup and final removal of all of its materials and equipment for displays and other promotional gear. Participants shall arrange their displays, chairs, and tables in any manner so long as they fall within their space. Participants are under the responsibility to take care to not cause any damage to the equipment or space and ensure all fire and safety regulations are maintained. Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right to request changes if the arrangement does not conform to fire and safety regulations. Recreational Room organizations cannot nail, screw or hang items off of the venue ceiling, including the venue piping and posts. All displays, chairs, tables, and merchandise must be maintained within the Recreational Room Space.
2.2 Soliciting outside designated areas and other areas around Ganbatte Convention Inc. is prohibited and also includes other Recreational Room tables and Community Corner tables. The participating organization can only be promoting who they are and no other non-profits/clubs/ related organizations without permission of the Tables Leader. If you cannot attend Ganbatte this year for a table, still fill out this form so we have your information and we can make arrangements for advertising/social media promotion trades.
2.3 Recreational Room participants are required to sign in and show up on time for setup. Failure to show up on time may result in loss of table space. All tables must have at least one Representative at the table at all times. Recreational Room tables will only allow 2 participants at the table at one time. If a table is left unattended for more than an hour without notifying the Tables Leader, your table will be forfeited to Ganbatte Convention Inc.
2.4 Recreational Room tables are given only 2 free badges with each table. There may be additional badges, power, internet or wifi requested. Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right to decline or approve any additional requests.
2.5 Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right to preserve the atmosphere and noise levels within the Recreational Room. Participants may play audio devices at a moderate volume such that it does not cause significant complaints from the other tables, participants, or event attendees. The determination of what constitutes a moderate volume shall be at the sole discretion of Ganbatte Convention Inc.. No sort of vapor or fog machine will be permitted and all displays must be PG.
2.6 Recreational Room is an area for sales of promotional merchandise and memberships. No other merchandise may be sold. Giveaway options and door prizes are allowed with email notice to table leader.
2.7 Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right to ask any Recreational Room participants to remove any items or practices that Ganbatte Convention Inc. deems unsafe. Ganbatte Convention Inc. alone reserves the right to determine what is safe and what is not safe. No weapons are allowed in TCU and props can be checked in at our Weapons check-in.
2.8 Ganbatte Convention Inc. maintains a strict policy in regard to bootleg items. Any items or displays which are not legally authorized or are prohibited by law from being sold in Canada will be asked to be removed at the sole discretion of Ganbatte Convention Inc. at any time.
2.9 Participants grant Ganbatte Convention Inc. permission to display the name of the organization/club/etc. in online and print publications relating to the Recreational Room and Ganbatte Con. Ganbatte Convention Inc. is under no obligation to make use of this permission.
2.10 At least one post that includes the Ganbatte Convention ticket URL on approved Recreational Room Company social media is required.

3. Scope of Responsibilities
Convention and Recreational Room Collaborator agrees that the Recreational Room Collaborator is responsible for

a) Adhering to Ganbatte Convention Inc. Policy within the area of the event.
b) Acquiring resources and tools necessary for setup, performance, and takedown.
c) A service in the game room agreed upon by Convention and Recreational Room Collaborator. Terms will be agreed upon before filling out the form correlated with this contract.
d) Unless otherwise addressed in additional documents.

Ganbatte Convention Inc. and Recreational Room Collaborator agree that the Convention is responsible for

a) Necessary aid for setup and takedown of any resources and tools.
b) Compensation, as referenced in section 4.
c) Enforcing Ganbatte Convention Inc. Policy.

4. Compensation
The Convention shall compensate the Recreational Room Collaborator with

a) Promotion leading to the event but not after, and not limited to, social media advertisement via the official Ganbatte Convention Inc. website, guidebook and official social media outlets.
b) One table provided by the Convention at the event of Ganbatte Convention Inc. to sell legal goods.

5. Termination
Ganbatte Convention Inc. may terminate this Agreement at any time by sending written notice thereof to the Recreational Room Collaborator at the email address provided herein.