Ganbatte Convention Inc. 2023 Guest Contract

This contract is between Ganbatte Convention Inc. and the potential guest(s) of Ganbatte 2023.

Ganbatte is a non-profit festival celebrating Japanese animation, manga, comics, and popular culture. Should Ganbatte Convention Inc. decide to host you as a guest of Ganbatte 2023, these are the following conditions agreed to between the two parties:


Ganbatte 2023 will take place at Saskatoon TCU place. The address is 35 22 St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 0C3. Ganbatte 2023 schedule is as follows:

a.Saturday, August 26th, 2023 – 10am to 10pm. Guest hall closing at 7pm.
b.Sunday, August 27th, 2023– 10am to 10pm. Guest hall closing at 4 pm.

Guests will be expected to be at their table from 10am- 7pm Saturday August 26th and 10am-4pm Sunday August 27th. We will have volunteers available to watch your tables if you require, let the guest coordinator know when you need your table attended to. Ganbatte Convention Inc. does not recommend letting volunteers handle your money and sales for your table.

Guests may be required to share a table with other guests but this will be discussed when the map is finalized.


Ganbatte Convention Inc. requires you to have business cards and a banner for your table for presentation purposes. Attendees will want to know who you are and if they haven’t heard of you they can take a business card.

Ganbatte also suggests having prints, merchandise, and general things to sell of your own creation. Use this opportunity to grow your business!

We require that you keep the information of you being a guest for Ganbatte 2023 confidential until we announce you as a guest on the official Ganbatte Con Facebook page.

We require you to submit a biography, Ganbatte Convention Inc. may change/add/shorten your submitted biography.

At least one post including the Ganbatte 2023 ticket URL on approved guests’ social media is required.


Guests will be asked to do panels, local guests teaming up to do informational panels is something we aim to have every year. EX. Comic guests team up and do a “Comic Creator’s Tips and Tricks” Panel or Cosplay guests team up and do a “Cosplay 101” Panel.

You will be required to fill out a separate panel application for these. Ganbatte Volunteers may suggest which guests should team up to do a panel but feel free to reach out to other guests to organize yourselves if you wish!

Any other events which Ganbatte Convention Inc. requests guests to take part will be discussed and agreed upon before Ganbatte 2023.


Both Parties understand that they are to act with the highest levels of integrity for the safety, entertainment and well-being of themselves, other guests and attendees of Ganbatte 2023 and members of the Ganbatte Convention Inc. Staff. Neither party will be held responsible for damages resulting from the direct actions of the other.

Guest appearances at Ganbatte Convention Inc. will be decided by the Executive Staff of Ganbatte and you will be contacted once your application has been reviewed.

Payment for being a guest at Ganbatte gets marketing on our website and social media, a spot in Ganbatte’s guidebook for 2023, a $200 table and a $75 badge- for free.

Ganbatte Convention Inc. reserves the right for placement at the convention, you also may be asked to share tables with compatible guests.

Any other requests such as extra handlers, etc. shall be discussed once you are approved. This application does not guarantee you will be approved but that your application will be up for discussion.

Guest agrees to attend Ganbatte 2023 based on the above terms and Ganbatte Convention Inc.’s Convention Policies.