Ganbatte Cosplay Spectacle

Cosplay Contest Format

1.1. The Cosplay Spectacle will take place on Saturday August 24th at 2:30pm.

1.2. Contestants can sign up online or prior to the competition registration deadline (12:30pm) in the Guest Hall (Salon A) at the “Cosplay Contest Sign-Up Table”. *No late submissions will be accepted.*

1.3. Pre-registered contestants are ensured entry and checked in first. Day-of registration is available on a first come, first serve basis until the time slot for registration has ended or we reach participant capacity, whichever comes first.

1.4. Entries may be capped before the Cosplay Spectacle date should Ganbatte meet capacity.

1.5. Contestants will be required to show up 20 minutes prior to the event for check-in and to get everyone in order before the event start time.

1.6. There is no performance component to this contest.

1.7. There will be no pre-judging for any categories.

1.8. Each contestant will have 30 seconds on the stage to strike 2-3 poses.

1.9. The Cosplay Spectacle will last approximately an hour and a half to accommodate judges’ deliberations and award presentations. Once the judges’ have come to their conclusions, the winners will be announced. Contestants must be present to accept awards. If winning contestants are not present to accept awards, the contestant with the next highest score rating will take their place.

1.10. Winners will be selected for the following categories:

        • Novice x1
        • Intermediate x1
        • Advanced x1
        • Judges’ Choice x3

Spectacle Divisions



Novice Spectacle x1

Intermediate Spectacle x1

Advanced Spectacle x1

Judges Choice x3

Rules & Regulations

2.1. Cosplays and props must abide by the Convention Policy and be suitable for all ages. Questions regarding costumes and/or props may be answered, and exceptions made, by the Cosplay Coordinator(s) depending on circumstance. *All inquiries can be sent to with the subject as “ATTN: Cosplay Coordinator”*

2.2. Contestants must be aged 13+ to enter on their own. Any contestants 12 and under must have parental approval. Parental consent forms will be available at the competition registration table, main registration and at the event.

2.3. Contestants may enter individually or as part of a group; however, costumes will be judged individually for awards.

2.4. Devices that involve flashing lights and/or loud noises must be noted in contestant applications, as well if they will be used during the competition. The host(s) will need to give advanced warning to the crowd if these are to be utilized.

2.5. Devices that utilize fire, smoke, liquids, flash bombs and/or any type of device that causes staining or a large scattering of objects are strictly prohibited. Scattering of some objects is allowed, but the clean up will cut into the contestant’s stage time and is the contestants responsibility. Failure to clean up props used by the contestant may disqualify them from the contest.

2.6. Permission is granted to Ganbatte Convention to take photos/videos during the Cosplay Spectacle, and they may be used in future promotional material. Any photos/videos taken by Ganbatte Convention staff will be uploaded online for contestants to access after the convention weekend.

2.7. Handlers are permitted to accompany contestants. Cosplay staff will be there to assist contestants if a handler is required and not available otherwise.

2.8. Respect fellow competitors and be mindful of all other costumes and/or props so as not to cause damage. If anyone is found tampering with other contestants’ costumes and/or props, they will be subject to immediate disqualification from the competition and future competitions.

2.9. Respect the emcee(s) and judges. Anyone found to be physically or verbally confronting the emcee(s) or judges in a malicious manner due to their announcing will be disqualified immediately from this year’s contest and potentially from future years’ contests upon the severity of the offence. If anyone has a complaint, please let staff know and Ganbatte Convention will deal with it accordingly.

2.10. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If anyone attempts to misrepresent someone else’s work as their own, they will be subject to disqualification from the contest immediately and potentially from future contests.

2.11. No original characters or character mash-ups will be accepted. Only canonical characters and/or genderbends will be accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but no exceptions will be made.

2.12. Costumes that have won any major award in the past will not be eligible to participate in the competition. Major awards include but are not limited to:

  • Best in Show
  • Best in Division
  • First Place, Second Place, Third Place, etc.

Register for Ganbatte 2024 Cosplay Spectacle – Registration Opens June 1.