We try to get all of our application forms online and ready in January of each year. We will post about the forms going live on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as soon as we have everything in order. We notify our mailing list members first, so be sure to check the mailing list checkbox on the application.


Unfortunately all of the parking downtown is paid. Fortunately current prices mean you can park the full day for less than 20$.

Street parking is free on Sunday, or anytime after 6pm, so if you are lucky you may be able to find room on the street or city parking lots during those hours.

We are also located near a public transit hub which may provide alternative means of getting to the convention.

For more information check out our parking and venue pages.

Our show dates are July 4th and 5th 2020. Make sure you remind all your friends and family! For more information, when available, check out our dates and time page and schedule.


No. We require that all attendees purchase their own pass. Sharing passes is in violation of our con policy and will result in confiscation of the pass and ejection from the venue.

For a complete breakdown of our passes, prices, and how to purchase a pass, please check out Ticket Information.

Pre-registration is where we hand out badges and passes the day before the convention in an effort to reduce the lineups and wait times early in the morning.  This means that if you pre-register, you can skip registration at the convention and have immediate access once the convention opens.

Each year we pair pre-registration with a movie at the Roxy Theatre, so you can come by get your pass, and see a great film hand picked by our volunteers.

Movie tickets are not included with convention pass and are included as a separate ticket online.

For more information check out our Friday Night Movie and Pre-Registration page.

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