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Is there any better way to start your weekend off but with another guest announcement!?! I think not!
You may recognize this familiar face. 👀
We are happy to have Auroraman— I mean…Jeff! joining us again this year!

~The Adventures of Auroraman~
While on a field trip to observe a meteor shower Jeff Burton discovers a wooden staff that is bursting with cosmic power. So he does what any mild-mannered school teacher and father would do, he puts it in the local lost and found bin – WAIT! No, he doesn’t, he uses it to become the new Super Power of the Prairies – Auroraman! Harkening back to the days of fun superhero comic books the Adventures of Auroraman is a wild and zany all ages adventures with a dash of Saskatchewan and Canadian lore mixed in and the wacky dial turned up! From crazy old men to killer snowmen, Auroraman must defend the small city of Humboldt and surrounding area from all kinds of threats while still being sure that he has his students’ homework marked and that his kids have done their chores!

Who is behind this wackiness? Creator and writer Jeff Burton, who is a father of five and a teacher from Humboldt, Saskatchewan. As a long time comic book fan, Jeff found he was being drawn more and more to the independent comics, especially the Canadian independent scene and all the great fun stories being created there! Given the inspiration for Auroraman from a dear friend Jeff mentored under Andrew Lorenz (S17 Productions – Legacy, New Guard, Canadian Corps, The Sentries) and together they fleshed out the concept and co-scripted the #0 issue of Auroraman. Jeff takes his lead from the fond memories of reading fun comic books as a child and loves to see that reaction in his own kids and his students when he introduces them to comics, be it Auroraman or many of the other great Canadian independent comic books out there! Working with a selection of talented artists such as Justin Shauf, Colin Work, James Zintel, Elaine Will, Andrew Thomas, Chris Yao and so many more Jeff weaves the tales of Auroraman’s adventures while introducing new allies as well as enemies for his characters’ universe. Add to that the fact that Jeff has spearheaded the creation of a network of Canadian Indie creators – The Canadian Comic Book Alliance (, where these creators can help spread the word of each others work while opening the doors to collaborations and team-ups – after all who doesn’t love a good team up story now and again!

You can keep up to date on all of his adventures here!:

Instagram: @minijeff_productions
Twitter: @minijeffca

As many of you know, a terrible tragedy has fallen upon the Bronco’s Jr. hockey team from Humbolt.
Leaving many lives affected by this.
Here is a link to their gofundme:

Every little bit helps.

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