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Meph has been local to the Alberta cosplay and convention scene for 12 years. Getting into cosplay through friends, they debuted their first cosplay as Seras Victoria from Hellsing at Animethon 13. It was through cosplay that Meph met their fiancé and photographer Chris Triff, along with many friends and acquaintances.

Meph has ran and participated in multiple panels from Hetalia to crossplay, and has also served as a cosplay judge at A Taste of Animethon in Edmonton in January 2017. With a passion for sewing and costume making, Meph entered the Theatre Production program at MacEwan to take their interest in costumes beyond the con floor. Ganbatte will be the first time to cosplay guest for Meph, and their first out of province con. They are extremely excited to meet everyone and take part in another cosplaying community!

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