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Escaping from the Forbidden Dimension, a lone spaceship crash-landed in the Saskatchewan prairies. A dying alien released his cursed pencil of doom to seek his replacement. In this strange time of Saturday morning cartoons and bagged milk, the pencil sought out a new champion… Nathen Wahl. The pencil revealed that whoever holds this pencil if they are worthy, shall be granted the powers of the BONE DADDY!

Armed with these strange new cosmic powers, Nathen “Bone Daddy” Wahl used his cursed gift to create “Joe Zombie” the worlds greatest Zombie! Soon the pencil transformed all his twisted thoughts and Zap Girl, the Vixen of Science Fiction, was born. But the curse would come back to haunt him. Now Nathen and his Left Hand of Doom will forever roam the prairies as the “Zombie King” of Saskatoon!

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