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Vickianne Caswell wrote her first book, “Freckles the Bunny Series, Book # 1: Freckles is Scared of School” in 2012. After a lot of research, she decided to publish the series herself. Vickianne has since published 12 books using the same printing/distribution companies. Vickianne has 2 children’s series’ out along with a cookbook series. She is expected to produce another children’s series in 2019 called, “The Adventures of Lynx.” Her children’s books are based on her real pets, with unique personalities, humour and a moral in every story.

After learning the ins and outs of publishing, Vickianne decided to help other authors out there who could not publish on their own and so she started 4 Paws Games and Publishing, a low-fee publishing company. When Vickianne has free time, she is either writing or playing a game. Her favourites include Dragon Age, Divinity series, Mass Effect series and The Sims 4. Her favourite shows are “Fairy Tale” and “Fruits Basket.”

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