• Guest Applications Close May 1, 2019

    Please be advised that Ganbatte Convention Inc. has reserved the right to decline applications.
  • Author, Artist, Cosplayer, Voice Actor, etc.
  • Social Media

    Please copy and paste URLs so we get the correct links.
  • Marketing

  • The pictures are to be used for marketing to the public on the Ganbatte Social media and website. Images can be a picture of you, your book, your cosplay, or artwork.
    Drop files here or
  • The biography is to be used for the announcements. The biography should be a short blurb about you. When you started your craft, what you have done, achievements and anything else you can think of that you want the public to know about you. Also if you can, include a sentence about why you do what you do. This will be posted along with your picture on the Ganbatte social media, please keep it professional.
  • List your accomplishments during your the time as the 'Guest Type' entered above.
  • Members of the guest contact list will be informed when the guest sign up form goes live.

  • For being a guest at Ganbatte you will get marketing on our website and social media, a spot in Ganbatte’s 2019 guidebook, a 130$ table, and a 50$ badge.
    Ganbatte Convention Inc. requires you to have business cards and a banner for your table for presentation purposes.

    All guest applications are submitted to review, not all applications will be approved

    If you fill out this form and are approved you will be required to cover costs of travel and accommodations.
  • Legal or full name

Guest applications are now closed. You can view our lineup of guests here: https://ganbatte.ca/guests

Guest applications are now closed.

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