Mike AnthonyVoice Actor

Mike Anthony has been an Actor for 25 years, which includes 6 years of Voice Acting and 2 years as a filmmaker. He has done Voice gigs for clients on 3 different continents and several different countries. In fact his voice has gone to more places around the world then he has himself! Mike has always loved acting since he was a child and has pursued it as much as possible in order to be as successful as possible, while also giving back/helping the next generation of voice actors find their footing.

Teaming up with the company: The Hermit Collective based in Calgary, Mike has helped their company grow by bringing international gigs to be recorded in Calgary. When he is not working on another project, he is always busy hunting for more work to bring to Calgary.

His Biggest Voice Acting Role to date came last year when he starred in the game: The Ballad Singer as Ancalimo one of the 4 playable characters in the game. He learned a lot about himself as a Voice Actor through the process of recording the game and has improved his skill immensely.

Mike is also proud of his web series: The Reapers, which he is the Writer and Director for. The First Season which has comprised of 6 episodes is available to watch on Youtube. He is hoping to get back to filming the show soon and perhaps debut another episode at Ganbatte this year.

As a fun fact, recently he has begun the study and training of the Samurai Combat arts of: Iaido, Niten and Jodo.

Finally, Mike is looking forward to seeing all of you at Ganbatte Con and speaking with you about Acting and Voice Acting!

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