Jason Sylvestre

Best selling cartoonist, all ages artist for comic books magazines and graphic novels. Jason’s work has appeared in Scary monsters magazine, REmind magazine, Cafe Racer magazine, and CARtoons Magazine. He has also illustrated several funny books about Saskatchewan and pop culture. Look for his new comic book project based on the cult tv show “hilarious house of Frightenstein” this October.

Jason Sylvestre is a freelance cartoonist, artist and writer. his work appears and has appeared in Post Media News papers, CARtoons Magazine, Remind Magazine, Scary Monsters Magazine, Cafe Racer Magazine, The Bronze Gazette, Several all ages graphic novels, children’s books.

Jason is also the artist behind the best selling “You Might be from Saskatchewan if.. books, Strange Saskatchewan, Color Saskatchewan.

Other projects Jason has worked on include: 
Oh My God they Printed that?! a satirical look at some of the vilest cartoons published in history and “Why do they call them fan conventions when the fans are so unconventional?” a book choc full of interviews, cartoons and funny stories told by celebrities and attendees of pop culture events. 

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