Lara Woodhull

Lara Woodhull is a voice actor based out of Dallas, Texas. She has voiced characters in numerous animes and films including Young Yuki in Wolf Children, Yuki in A Sign of Affection, Kid Deku in My Hero Academia, Hinami in Tokyo Ghoul, Clara in Princess Jellyfish, Chimney in One Piece and many more!!

She has been nominated for and won numerous awards for her voice acting work including the 2014 Winner at the BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Awards for Best Female Vocal Performance in an Anime Feature Film/Special in a Supporting Role for her role as Yuki (child) in the film Wolf Children.
When Lara isn’t in the recording studio, she is at home in Texas cooking & gardening with her 2 dogs, Oliver & Ichigo and her husband. Ganbatte Convention 2024 will be Lara’s first time in Canada!
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